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059brittany.jpg Many of you have requested a video on Brittany, the petite blonde from #52. Well this is her video. She starts in her University cheerleading outfit, fresh from practice, sitting on the bed with her legs crossed, you get a glimpse of her hidden white cotton brief panties. This is a great tease shot, because her allusive panties can be seen, but just barely. She then lays on the bed for close up crotch shots, and a worms eye view up her skirt. See her panties stretched across her tight butt. Then Brittany, puts on a pair of white satin briefs with a white bra, under a blue skirt for more teasing and worms eye views. Then she gets into a pink satin panty (nice and shiny) under a white pleated skirt. She gets on the bed and grinds her tight ass. Then she puts on a red skirt for still more teasing. Next a blue cotton panty under a yellow dress for STILL more teasing and up the skirt shots. If all this wasn't enough, she goes into the shower with her favorite white cotton brief panty on. She soaps herself and her panties up, great shots of her WET PANTY clinging to her petite body. Then after she is all clean, she gets on the bed for some self touching to calm her down, and we see all of Brittany's body. Then she gets back in her outfit, this time without panties underneath for some bottomless cheerleader shots. 57 minutes

  060sherstyn.jpg For those of you that have wanted to see the panties of the girl who lived in the apartment next to yours. Here she is...Sherstyn, a tall brunette, invites you to her apartment to let you see her in a pair of blue nylon panties as she sits at her kitchen table eating breakfast. Next into a white nylon panty, that form fits her butt. Then she gets into a white skirt with a pair of multi-colored nylon panties and a white bra for teasing on her bed. After she sits in a chair in her black short dress for up the skirt shots. Then Sherstyn tries on a light blue nylon brief under a sun dress. More worms eye views and great crotch shots. She does camera walk overs with some wiggling and butt squeezing over the camera. Near the end she shows off her HAIRY bush and small firm tits, she has never done this before and it shows, as she is making herself wet, by showing off. She told me that I must tell my customers that she was very shy and nervous and that she hoped they didn't mind. I told her that I knew you wouldn't mind. 67 minutes
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